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  • Ningbo ASM ODM product business unit is specialized in the customer ...
  • Ningbo ASM OEM business division has more than ten years...
  • Car speakers

    From 3.5" car speakers to 6" x 9" car speakers and every size in between, ASM produce a full...
  • Car subwoofers

    We have gathered pricing info for Subwoofers, From 6.5" car subwoofer to 18" car subwoofer.ASM...
  • Mid-range speakers

    • Midrang speakers
    • Midbass woofer
    Neodymium professional PA bass-midrange speaker from ASM audio manufactory...
  • PA speaker woofers

    • PA speaker
    • PA woofer
    • PA subwoober
    Our PA speakear are excellent choice for high power speaker subwoofer systems in sound reinfor...
  • Pro speaker cabinets

    • DJ speaker
    • Portable cabinets
    We provide Speaker Box, Combo PA System, Public Address System, Monitor System, PA Equipment ,Po...
  • Tweeter & Horn & Drivers

    • Bullet Tweeter
    • Neodymium driver
    • Horn
    Tweeter Compression Horn Driver
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